5 Careers With the Best Job Security

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Maybe you’ve been the victim of too many company-wide downsizes or have worked for too many promising-but-failing businesses. Maybe you tried working in a field you love, but the work is irregular, and months go by when you’re barely paying the bills. You’re fed up and want to pursue a more stable job. There are a variety of fields that, if you pursue proper training and accreditation, are sure to result in long-term employment.

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Public Administration Work

Government jobs are among the most stable careers around. Often protected by unions, federal, state and city jobs are difficult to get but those who do get them are rewarded with jobs offering opportunities for advancement, attractive salaries and stability. Because there are so many applicants interested public administration jobs, go back to school to give yourself a leg up on the competition. An online MPA program lets you earn a degree at your own pace. Continue to work another job as you study your way to a more stable career that will last for years or even decades to come.

Health Care Jobs

An industry such as print publications and newspapers may be dwindling in an ever-more digital age, but there will never be a time in the future when people don’t get ill and need medical treatment. Working in the medical field guarantees you work for life and offers more opportunities than you might think. Additionally, within these careers are specializations, such as senior care or children’s medicine. Plus, hospitals, clinics, schools and residential care centers are always hiring. If travel interests you, there are careers like travel nursing and programs such as helping out in underprivileged nations that allow you to work across the country and around the world in medical care.


Public school teaching is a government job, and it shares much of the same type of stability other public jobs offer. Opting to work as a teacher means you’re free to pursue your passion — math, English, science, physical education — while enjoying the security of a job that will continue to be there for you year after year. Few other careers sought by humanities-degree-holders are as steady as teaching. Because teachers are needed everywhere, pursuing teaching as a career frees you to move anyplace you like.

Accountant Work

Accounting is a crucial aspect of almost every business. There are public accountants who file taxes for businesses and individual clients and private accountants who keep track of companies’ overhead expenses and payroll. Either way, accountancy is a vital cog in the machine of modern society, and those with accounting skills are highly sought. If you enjoy working with numbers, accounting may be the career field for you. Because much of accounting relies on understanding constant changes to the tax code, accounting is a job for those who like continuous education and who are skilled at research as well as math.

Truck Driving

Things always need to get from point A to point B, and freight is one of the most affordable and reliable ways for companies and individuals to ship. Few people are willing to work the long hours behind the wheel in all types of weather, so truck driving jobs are almost always available. After taking a few courses and training sessions to earn your graduated license as a truck driver, you’ll be able to work as a long-distance driver or a deliverer who works within one community from day to day. If you like being on the move and seeing new places, and if you want to pick up and go, look into a job in truck driving.

If you’re fed up with looking for work again and again, you’re not alone. Forbes reports job stability is the most important thing job seekers are looking for in a job, more important even than benefits or a pleasant work environment. Knowing you’ve trained yourself for a job that will last years or even decades can offer you peace of mind. Invest in your future by choosing a career that offers stability.


About the Author: Marvin Hurley is a career counselor who has worked in public administration for over ten years.


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