5 Small Cup Coffees With Big Taste

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Coffee is a beverage enjoyed worldwide and by most of the population. It has been proven to be good for your health and has grown exponentially in terms of variety of preparation. One of the most intriguing forms of coffee is the brewing and mixing of small cup coffees.CoffeesSmall cup coffees are taking the world by storm. These coffees are fast-brewing, offer impressive taste, and pack a powerful punch for when you need a boost to get you through the day. Compared to standard drip coffee, small cup coffees allow you to taste the coffee fully and quickly and the drinks are completely enhanced with ingredient additions and different preparations.

Small cup coffee drinks offer dozens of flavor choices varying in caffeine amounts, liquid quantity, and temperature ranges. There is something for everyone in the world of small cup coffee, and below are some popular options for those of you tired of the standard latte or cappuccino. Often a distinguishing feature of the coffees below is less sweetness or a combination combining bitter and sweet.

Cafe Marocchino

Originating from Italy, this coffee is often made with a regular shot of espresso or a short pull of espresso (ristretto). The typical components present in a Marocchino are espresso, frothed milk, and cocoa powder. Traditionally the small cup or glass is first dusted with cocoa powder before the milk is added, then the espresso is poured on top of the milk, and topped with a final dusting of cocoa. In some regions, the espresso is simply topped with strong hot cocoa.


This espresso drink is popular in Latin America, Spain, Brazil, Norway, and some parts of the United States. Similar to a latte, this drink features espresso and steamed milk in a ratio of 1:1 or 1:2 (roughly), making it much stronger than a latte. The cortado usually has little to no foam and can also be made with condensed milk. 


Although it may sound strange at first, the Guillermo is an excellent variation on a small cup coffee. This drink mainly features espresso and lime. Pouring the hot espresso shot(s) over slices of lime brings out the essential oils in the lime skin and the acidity works well with fruity coffee beans. It can be altered with the addition of a bit of milk, seltzer, or sugar. You can also add ice to the Guillermo for the ultimate refreshing summer coffee drink.

Caffe Breve

This coffee drink is similar to the latte in America and features one to two shots of espresso and half and half. Half and half (part cream and part milk) is steamed to heat and froth slightly and poured on top of the espresso. There are variations on the classic involving chocolate (mocha breve) and ice for a hot day (iced breve). Another popular variation on the Caffe breve is the Con Panna, which is espresso and cream (usually whipped, not steamed). The full fat of the cream is an excellent counterpoint to bitter coffee and the fat makes this an unctuous, satisfying drink.

Caffe Corretto

With many variations around the world, the caffe corretto hails from Italy and combines espresso with some form of liquor (typically grappa, sambuca, or brandy). Usually the espresso and liquor are presented separately, allowing those partaking to ceremoniously pour the liquor into the shot of espresso and drink in one or two sips.

Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, and several other countries have their own versions of this classic after dinner drink (sometimes enjoyed in the middle of the day). Similar to the caffe corretto, Ireland has the Irish coffee which features hot coffee, sugar, Irish whiskey, and thickened cream.

These five small cup coffee drinks are only a fraction of the many options available. All of these are completely customized to suit any tastes and there is room for creativity. Using the best espresso machines, you are able to explore every type of small cup coffee from around the world.

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