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This page is regularly updated with general information about science, mathematics, and technology education as well as any changes to the Web site.

11/16/11: Science Education
NASA's Office of Education is collaborating with a variety of organizations including LEGO this week to engage students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Events include the inaugural STEM Summit in St. Louis and the first annual S.E.T. (Science, Engineering and Technology) Awards in Los Angeles. See the press release here.

10/25/11: Equal Opportunities
An article in Education Week explores a discouraging decline in the number of blacks receiving degrees in fields related to math and science despite the relatively high availability of jobs in these fields. Read more here (free registration required).

9/20/11: Model Programs
Schools from California, Colorado, Maryland, Minnesota and Oregon were named winners of the Intel Schools of Distinction contest. The contest honors K-12 schools that have some of the most successful math and science programs in the country. See the press release.

7/26/11: SMT and Religion
The Texas Board of Education has unanimously approved scientifically accurate high school biology textbook supplements from established mainstream publishers — and rejected creationist-backed supplements.Read more here.

6/6/11: Science Education
The Los Alamitos Unified School District in Southern California instituted a “controversial issue” policy stating that teachers must offer  multiple perspectives on issues the district calls controversial, including climate change. See responses from the scientific community detailing why this policy undermines science education.

4/18/11: Vocational Education
The South Carolina State Department of Education includes an innovative Office of Career and Technology Education that supports districts and schools providing grade-level, standards-based curricula through the integration of academic and career and technical instruction for students in grades seven through twelve. Learn more here.

3/1/11: Resources
We've added a new video!  In October 2010, Peyton West of AAAS and John Gordon of the Arizona School Boards Association (ASBA) presented a training session at the NSBA Annual Technology and Learning Conference. Learn it, Love it! Science, Mathematics, and Technology Education in Your District and the accompanying participant manual are available here.

2/1/11: Training teachers
According to researchers at Penn State University, most high school biology teachers fail to adhere to the National Research Council's recommendations for teaching evolution. The researchers argue that supplementary education and training in evolutionary biology is the best solution for ensuring students receive a strong science education.

1/5/11: Federal Policy
On January 4th President Obama signed the America COMPETES Act into law. An Education Week blog post discusses the fact that this was done with very little fanfare.

12/22/10: Federal Policy
The AAAS Center for Science, Technology and Congress reports on the House's vote to reauthorize the America COMPETES Act and the bill's provisions to improve education in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

12/1/10: SMT Standards
The President of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) discusses two reports developed by NCTM task forces that provide assistance for states, districts, teacher leaders, and teachers who will be implementing the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM).

11/17/10: SMarT Web Site
We've added a new feature! To get quick answers about STEM education Ask Peyton.

10/13/10: The Changing Economy 
The White House has announced that President Obama will host the White House Science Fair which honors students from around the country. His remarks will focus on the importance of science, mathematics, and technology education to the economic future in this country.

9/22/10: Mathematics education
The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics has published a new volume entitled "Focus in High School Mathematics: Reasoning and Sense Making in Geometry" that makes a compelling case for the imporance of strengthening and refocusing geometry curricula.

8/4/10: SMT Standards
On August 2nd, the National Academies of Science closed the period of public review of the draft of their new science standards. The final draft is scheduled to be released in earl 2011 and to play a role in the development of the Common Core Standards.

7/28/10: Science Education
A commentary in Education Week explains that the peak window of opportunity for teaching basic science concepts is at the beginning of the elementary school experience and not, as is done currently, in middle and upper school.  The commentary is based a comprehensive study published in the journal Science. The commentary also argues that the Common Core Standards initiative offers an unprecedented opportunity to implement this change.

7/14/10: SMT standards
The National Academies of Science has released a draft of its updated and revised science education standards. The draft is available for comments until August 2nd, 2010. An exploration of the standards can be found on the edutopia blog.

6/23/10: Science education
A survey by the National Science Teachers Association addresses the role of parents in encouraging their kids interest in science and the need for resources to help parents in this role.

6/17/10:  SMT and religion
The Nebraska state school board plans to adopt science standards that acknowledge evolution as the foundation of modern biology.  An article on the subject reports that there appears to be no opposition among the general public including local school boards.

6/2/10: Mathematics education
The state-led effort coordinated by the National Governors Association Center for Best Practices (NGA Center) and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO)has released its Common Core Standards for mathematics today in Atlanta. Read a press release from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) expressing their support. The press release from the initiative itself is here.

5/12/10: SMT standards
Six districts have been choses to pilot the Common Core Standards initiave consisting of math and reading standards that will enable comparison of students nationally. The districts are in Boston, Philadelphia, Atlasta, St. Paul, Cleveland and Albuquerque. An article focusing on Abuquerque's involvement is here.

4/14/10: Technology Education
April 15th marks the opening of the annual FIRST robotics competitions in Atlanta, GA.  An article about the event is here . FIRST is a non-profit dedicating to inspiring young people's interest and participation in science and technology.  The robotics competitions offer a way for school districts to increaes students' understanding of technology and its applications. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan will also speak at the event on April 16th.

4/8/10: SMT and religion
The Knox County School Board in Tennessee is considering a motion to ban a high school science textbook that refers to creationism a biblical "myth".  A review committee concluded that the book was appropriate but the board was divided and has delayed a final decision for another month. An article outlining the situation and describing the board's discussion is here.

3/31/10: Community involvement
A partnership between The Creative Coalition and National Lab Day  will use the platforms of arts and entertainment to engage America's schools in a new approach to discovering the world around them. The goal of the partnership is to educate, activate and mobilize these communities to help combat America's decline in math and science skills. More information is here.

3/24/10: Equal opportunities
Education Week reports that two new surveys highlight the challenges women and minorities face in pursuing STEM-related careers and conclude that the US educational system falls short in encouraging diversity in these fields.

3/17/10: no child left behind
President Obama has released his plan for updating the No Child Left Behind act. For an excellent summary including how the plans specifically address STEM education see this page on the NSTA website.

3/10/10: SMT and religion
The former chairman of the Texas state school board lost his seat in a primary election last week. Don McLeroy was the board's strongest advocate for introducing language into Texas state standards that would undermine the teaching of evolution.  Science educators hail the loss as a victory for sound science education. An article in Education Week is here.

2/24/10: Leading Organizations
AAAS held its 2010 Annual Meeting from February 17th through February 22 in San Diego. The theme of the meeting was "Bridging Science and Society" and many of the sessions focused on education and public engagement. As an example, a symposium entitled "Science Literacy: How to Train Teachers, Engage Students, and Maximize Learning", addressed such topics as the failings of STEM textbooks, and preparing science teachers to address controversial issues.

2/17/10: Leading organizations
The National Science Teachers Association is holding its Annual Meeting beginning March 18th. Consider encouraging your science staff and teachers to attend and report back to you!

1/27/10: Where do we stand?
The National Science Board has released its 2010 Science and Engineering Indicators report.  This report, published every two years, provides a broad overview of the state of US science and engineering with specific information about specific issues like education.  The full report is here and a chapter devoted to K-12 education is here.

1/20/10: SMarT training
With support from the SMarT grant program, the Oklahoma State School Boards Association (OSSBA) used the SMarT training materials to address questions about science, mathematics, and technology education with four Oklahoma school districts on January 15th.  To apply for funding to host training in your state, use this link to contact us. To look at the training materials, click here.




























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