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This page is home to the SMarT Training Program for Board Members, designed to help state associations of local school boards provide board development around science , mathematics, and technology education issues. The program grew out of a day-long seminar on science, mathematics, and technology education that AAAS and NSBA offered to local school boards from Kansas and Missouri in Kansas City in 2007. The materials include an introductory module that presents the case for increased attention to science, mathematics, and technology education, and a full workshop that includes training on the nature and use of standards, public engagement around science, mathematics, and technology education, and how to address these topics using the model of NSBA’s the Key Work of School Boards.

The materials were created by Angie Peifer, Associate Executive Director for Board Development at the Illinois Association of School Boards, and include PowerPoint files, Facilitator Guides, and Participant Manuals. The introductory module is designed to be used at state association meetings to inspire board members to explore these topics in more detail, while the full workshop allows state associations to offer more in depth training to meet the needs of individual boards. As background reading, you may want to start with the seminar report.

Please feel free to explore the training program files and if your board is interested in attending or hosting a training session, contact your state association.

Introductory module materials:

Full workshop materials

 Ordering information

To oder the training materials on DVD please call 202-326-6727.

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