Ebooks: The Answer To Rising Cost Of Textbooks?

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Today, education is becoming more and more expensive. Think about the tuition fee, the dormitory, the miscellaneous expenses and the cost of living– everything is all about the money. The dilemma for students and their parents is that aside from these, there are also some extra-curricular activities that they need to spend for, as well as special occasions that need to be celebrated. And what about the rewards that the student has earned for studying hard? Everything requires cash– and lots of it. Imagine, a college student supplies in a public university costs about $ 1,168 while it is at $1,213 for private-school students. Another major concern for the parents are the textbooks. These days, textbooks have become more expensive than ever. Maybe it has something to do with the people becoming more environmental? Knowing that textbooks come from trees, and that there are only a few trees around, some people are actually opting for e-books. E-books provide the convenience of not having the need to carry around a heavy load of text books– with one device, you can have a “library”. However, are e-Books really the answer to the rising cost of textbooks? Would there be more savings for the parent and the student?

The Whirlwind Years Of Ebooks

This revolutionary technology started in 1998, with The Softbook and Gemstar’s Rocket eBook Reader. In the year 2000, Stephen King’s Horror novel, “Ride in Bullet” was first released in eBook. In 2003, Gemstar closed because of the lack of demand and Barnes and Noble stopped selling eBooks online. In April 2010, the iPad debuts, prompting another trend in the world of eBooks.

Should College Students Be Forced To Buy Ebooks?

This question has triggered a lot of controversy lately as there were some rumored universities who required students to buy such instead of textbooks. The problem with this issue is that there are subjects in which one does not actually need a book– some subjects would only require you to listen, take down notes, and voila! Again, it all boils down to the fact that regardless of books or eBooks, everything nowadays has become expensive.

The Impact Of Textbooks

Ironically, despite the advantages presented by eBooks, more students still chose textbooks over such– because of the familiarity. Studies show that the younger generation wants to feel and write down notes on their textbooks, rather than just touch screens. The survey has also shown that people still want to carry around textbooks rather than just a single item. 

ebooks vs. Textbooks

eBooks are more convenient, money-saving and technological. Some publishers and readers, though, have noted that there are some mishaps in it. Meanwhile, textbook prices continue to surge, but clearly, not a lot of people seem to bother.

Cheaper But Not Lesser

Because many people would still prefer a textbook over an eBook, the solution to the rising cost of textbooks could be the second-hand books. It’s the version is the same, then, a slightly used book may be the answer to the student and parent’s problem.

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