Essential ICT Qualifications For Employment Success

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Computer based communications have revolutionised the world of work. Making sure that you have a flexible, adaptable and comprehensive portfolio of training is a key component in employment success. Here are some of the key training opportunities available.

Microsoft Office

As the backbone of all PC based computer systems, Microsoft Windows and their Office suite of applications underpins most of the day to day working practice in modern business. They handle many applications from simple word processing to creating complex databases for mail merging and client management. Basic knowledge of Microsoft systems is an expectation of modern business and the ability to send email, write reports and collate data is regarded as a basic skill. However, as with all applications Microsoft continuously develop new aspects of their systems which require users to constantly update their skills to take advantage of new ways of working and communicating. Current focus is on cloud based file sharing and utilising and harnessing online networks for collaborative working.


Adobe Creative Suite

The creative world has changed. No longer is it possible to specialise in a discipline such as video editing or photography without the knowledge and skill to manipulate other components such as audio. Interdisciplinary work like this requires multi-skilled workers and multi-function software solutions. With creative work, workflow is a paramount concern; too often creativity is stifled and constrained by the limitation of the software systems and the way in which they integrate together. Adobe have solved this issue by bringing together what were once very disparate and separate disciplines into one streamlined and coherent series of applications. Each application is designed to work together seamlessly which allows multimedia editing which can consist of audio, video, animated and graphical components used in combination, to take place at the same time. Users can break way from a video editing programme to edit an audio clip, or import elements created in photo-editing packages into their visual design, without having to change to unfamiliar interfaces or unfamiliar file formats. As such, the Adobe Creative Suite has cornered the market in creative software, making training in its use essential to those in the creative industry.


As the spread of technology continues and more communication technologies evolve; networking systems which allow them to function together and enable the convergence of technologies have become very important. Cisco is the world leader in networking and its technologies and software solutions form the backbone of much of what we call the internet. Cisco validates a series of network certification qualifications which train end users in installation, configuration, routing and switching of online computer networks. Students train towards becoming a CCSP or ‘Cisco Certified Security Professional’; a qualification which is recognised all over the world and has become a gold standard in IT training and as such is a desirable and essential qualification. Students receive training in identity management, authentication, authorisation, firewall, anti-malware and security policy and administration. CCSPs are commonly employed in systems administration and IT security departments in major companies. Training providers such as New Horizons offer a range IT training in London including Cisco certification.


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