How to Get the Best in Business Knowledge in a Short Time

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Your career success depends upon your ability to be efficient, learning what are the newest best practices in management, marketing, and leadership. Knowing how you learn best may give you some clues as to how you can gain this information quick, fast, and in a hurry. Do you need a trainer to walk you through the material? Do you prefer video instruction? Do you prefer business book summaries written by experts? The more you know about how you learn, the faster you will attain your goals.

Enroll in Short Business Courses
For many career focused people, obtaining another degree is not an option. Degrees are pricey and can be very time consuming, especially when you are busy with work and family. However, short courses that are focused and to the point can be beneficial.  Try enrolling in a certificate program at your local college or university. Certificate programs are often 3 to 5 courses that can take a year to complete.

Don’t have that much time? Associations and business related clubs may offer short term courses as well. To find a course that will suit you, take stock of what skills you want to learn, ask colleagues and do an internet search.

Try Reading E-books
The traditional publishing industry has had a hold on what business information gets published and what does not. The internet has revolutionized the way people are able to publish. Now industry experts without a fancy publishing deal can write an e-book on any topic they choose. They don’t need to sell it through a bookstore or even get an ISBN number through the Library of Congress. They are able to sell their e-books via their own website, Amazon, or a host of other online sites that cater to independent publishers.

Watch YouTube Videos
Are you a person that enjoys learning via audio and visual? Then YouTube video may be the best learning method for you. Business conferences, associations, and corporations often videotape their professional development sessions and post some of them on YouTube for public consumption. Many independent business experts may also use YouTube as a way to share their business knowledge with the world. It is easy to get lost in the hours of footage that is available to you if you are not selective about what you watch. You can choose to subscribe to the YouTube channels that speak the most to the kind of information you are looking for.

Check Out Blogs
If you enjoy reading, you can try checking out online blogs as a way to learn business information quickly. Find your favorite business personalities by doing an online search. Spend some time to read through a few of their posts to get a feel for their viewpoints and writing styles. If something strikes you as interesting, poignant, or even a bit off the wall, feel free to leave a comment or question. The blogger will usually respond to you to get a conversation going. If you are lucky to find a blogger whose posts are so interesting that you can’t bear to miss a single post, subscribe to their newsletter or RSS feed to stay up to date.

The internet has made learning so easy. Whether you are willing to pay thousands of dollars, or are looking for the best free materials, learning business information does not have to be confined to completing a business degree. Ask the people in your network about how they keep up with the latest business information to compare notes.


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