Make a Big Entrance at Thanksgiving this Year

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Thanksgiving is finally here.  In a few days, family members will be gathering from near and far to reconnect and count their blessings.  If you are returning home for the first since your parents dropped you off at your dorm building, get ready for some cheek pinching, butt slapping, high-fiving and maybe a few tears as the family welcomes you back home.  If you really want to impress them and can make the drive home, use a Groupon to rent a car from Hertz.  All you have to do is search for Hertz on the Groupon website, and you’ll see some incredible deals on rentals by the day or week.  Right now, they have codes that will unlock savings on monthly rentals.  Use one and you can save $50.  Or pick the code that will save you $5 a day off your weekly rate.  If that won’t work for you, there are many more.

Imagine the look on your grandmother’s face when you drive up and jump out of your Hertz rental to surprise her.  She might be so happy she’ll forget about the nose piercing you got last month.  And if you need to bring along some Thanksgiving orphans – you know, students who can’t afford to go home for Thanksgiving and have nowhere to eat dinner –  the more the merrier.  You can use a code and select the size of the vehicle that’s right for you, your friends, and all the dirty laundry you want your mom to wash for you.  And who knows, by the time you get there, you and your sister might be speaking again.  It could happen…especially if you hip her to all the savings she can get with Groupons for thousands of retailers.  Including the one she bought the sweater from.  You know, the one sweater she loved that you lost.

Thanksgiving is more than the day we share our blessings as we pass the peas – it’s the gateway to our holiday shopping.  When the family asks you what you’ve learned since going to college, tell them you’ve learned to save so much money with Groupons they’re all getting gifts.  Then show them how much they can save in time and money by doing the same.  That way, they’ll be so happy, they’re sure to forgive you for nearly flunking out this semester.

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