Thinking About A University Application? Here’s What To Do Next

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If you are thinking about applying for a college course or degree, there may be plenty of obstacles in your path. It’s a tough and competitive world out there, so you know that you will be better off in the long run if you can get into a good college. But how do you know which one is right for you, and how on earth do you get them to accept you?

Let’s start with the hard truth. College or university life isn’t for everyone. It’s tough to be away from family and friends, and every class is competitive. You will have a lot of pressure on you to succeed and meet the requirements for graduation. If you’re trying to change careers, it could be even more important that you make this move work for you.

The class contact time is very low compared to how much independent study you will have to do. Plus, the life of an undergraduate in dorms can be hard. It’s noisy, and some roommates just don’t get on. If you’ve had time in a career, you may find younger undergraduates a little childish.


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College life is also expensive. Your course fees are just the beginning. You have travel to and from the campus, plus the cost of rents, food, utilities, phones, books and clothing. If you need to work while you study, this adds to the pressure significantly.

Once you have made the commitment to attend a university, you now have to work your socks off to get them to accept you. We all know that work experience makes you a sought after candidate, but what can you do if you feel your resume is a little sparse?

One of the best ways to approach any college application is by seeking out admissions counseling. A good counselor will advise you about the best courses and the colleges that provide them. They will help you prepare your application in full.

It is also best to get as much information about your chosen college as possible. If you can, visit the campus on an open day, and meet some of the professors and lecturers that specialize in your chosen area. Check out the dorms, so you can fully prepare yourself for life as a student.

It’s also a good idea to take a course on money management. As a college undergraduate, it can be very tempting to party the semester away, and buy lots of books and things that you could do without. Plan a budget carefully, and then stick to it to ensure you don’t run into financial difficulties during your studies.

One of the best things about college life is the huge variety of extracurricular activities and clubs you can join. This is the best way to make friends and supporting relationships to get you through the course. Choose two or three wisely as your time is limited.

Now you are ready to start your course of study, and you are fully prepared for the next three or four years of hard work. It takes about six weeks to fully settle in, so don’t be worried if your feelings about the situation take some ups and downs. Whatever age you start your studies, enjoy all that college life offers.

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