Ways to Give Back to the Public Around the Holidays

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The holiday season can be a busy time of year, between gift shopping and a multitude of festivities. This season is a time to appreciate all you have in life. It is also a time to give to those who are less fortunate.  Time can never tell when your situation might change, so take the time to contribute to those in need when life has been fortuitous. Here are some ideas to inspire you during the holidays:

Shop Locally

Small businesses assist in the development of your community, so try to make your holiday purchases the old fashioned way instead of shopping online or at corporate department stores. The money spent at local businesses stimulates the area in which you live in many ways. Small business owners are usually considerable supporters of nonprofit organizations, pay a large chunk of property taxes and provide jobs that stabilize the local economy.

Contribute to your local food bank

During the holidays, there are always national news stories reporting shortages of food at local food banks. More than likely a local food bank near you is in need of assistance, too. You can help reduce the financial burden around the holidays for many families in your community. Reach out to your local food bank to see what they need most, and organize food drives with your friends, relatives and co-workers.

Explore Volunteering Opportunities

Many organizations expand opportunities to volunteer during the holidays, so browse the Internet for causes that interest you. Animal lovers can assist in local shelters, offer your time during the weekend to local soup kitchens or volunteer at a recreation center in your neighborhood that sponsors activities for the youth and teens. One of the easiest ways to give back to the community during the holidays is volunteering, and if you find the experience enjoyable, you might decide to continue your volunteering ventures throughout the year or decided to get a human services degree to make a career out of helping the less fortunate.

Visit an Assisted Living Home or Nursing Home

Not all residents in nursing homes or assisted living homes have relatives who visit them during the holidays, because they don’t have living spouses, they don’t have kids, or their kids live too far to travel. This time of year can be lonely and depressing if there’s no one to celebrate with. Dropping off baked goods, handing out holiday cards or participating in their recreational activities can really spread some needed cheer and holiday spirit to those sometimes forgotten.

Donate Your Closet to Local Charities

Spring cleaning will need to be done in just a couple of months, so why not donate your unused clothes to people who need them during the holiday season? Be sensible and contribute items that are still in good condition, and throw away tattered and torn clothing instead. You might end up with boxes of goodies to give that less fortunate people would love to own. Some organizations, like Goodwill, will pick up your donations if there is not a location or drop off box near you.

Life is full of ups and downs, and everyone goes through bouts of trials and tribulations. Celebrate the holidays this season by giving back to your community. The best gifts you can give are to people in need.


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