What Does It Mean to Be a Non-Traditional MBA Student?

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There used to be a time when if someone said they were going to college or they were applying to an MBA program, we all naturally assumed that they were a young person fresh out of high school or college. But these days, you might be surprised to know that non-traditional students actually make up close to 40 percent of the students who are currently attending college.

MBA StudentIf you’ve heard the term “non-traditional” but you’ve never really be sure that it means, these are the individuals who have been working in the workforce and have decided to go to school or they were formerly in the military and now they’re interested in embarking in a new kind of career path or they are single parents who are seeking a college degree. Basically, they are college students who are not teenagers right out of high school but people who have lived life a bit and now they want to further their education.

If you’re someone who happens to fall into the “non-traditional” category and lately, you’ve been thinking more and more about earning your MBA, we have provided you with five tips on what you can do in order to make your business school application are competitive one below:

Do your research. Even if you haven’t previously had much formal business training, that doesn’t mean that you can’t display that you have a really strong interest in business. Thanks to publications like Entrepreneur and websites that business moguls such as Warren Buffet and Seth Godin have, you can still read up and become quite knowledgeable about the business world.

Demonstrate areas where you have leadership skills. Whether you served in the military, you had an administrative position at your job or you’ve been a stay-at-home mom for the past several years, all of these positions have taught you a thing or two about leadership. So, make sure to express what those things are in your application. All MBA schools look for people who have strong leadership skills.

Get a couple of mentors who have MBAs. On some business school applications, one of the things that they might ask you is who your mentors are and it is definitely to your benefit of some of them are individuals who already have their MBAs. So, make the time to look for a couple of them. It can make your application look nice but they can also help you throughout your MBA student career.

Think about the kinds of business courses you need. If you taught math in high school for the past five years, you’re probably not going to need as many math courses as someone who was a touring musician. So really sit down and think about what “life experience” has given you and what you need business school to provide as you’re filling out your application(s).

Be confident; non-traditional students are a major asset. Say that you’ve been looking at a website like http://www.onlinemba.umd.edu to get information about going to business school online. Even if you are a non-traditional student, you shouldn’t feel uncomfortable about it. In fact, you’re quite an asset to business schools because they are not just looking for young college students who have undergraduate degrees in finance or economics. They want students that come from all walks of life. As a non-traditional student, you’ve got a strong education too. It’s just not a “traditional” one and that’s more than OK.

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