What Sustainable Businesses Have in Common?

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Many of today’s businesses are focusing on addressing global challenges instead of adding to them. They are becoming some of the world’s leaders in terms of innovation and sustainability, and they are definitely making an impact among consumers. What do they have in common, and what sets them apart from traditional companies?


Sustainable Businesses Are Socially Active


A business that is focused on sustainable initiatives does more than produce products to generate a profit. Instead, they support social causes like global warming, political transparency, marriage equality, anti-GMOs, and more. In many instances, these companies donate money towards these causes.


Sustainable Businesses Are Concerned About the Environment


Today’s sustainable businesses are often concerned about the environment. They use environmentally friendly materials and try to reduce their environmental footprint.


Sustainable Businesses Give Back
Sustainable Entrepreneurship Infographic
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Many of today’s sustainable businesses give back. They recognize that there are people who are in need. Some companies give away an equal amount of products for the amount they sale. Although this concept might seem like it would affect profits, it actually encourages customers to buy. People like the idea of purchasing from a business who is concerned about the less the fortunate.


There is more information about some of the most successful global sustainable businesses on the infographic below. You can refer to it to learn valuable concepts about this popular and successful business model.


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