What To Keep In Mind While Learning How To Drive

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To get control in our own hands is what everyone desires, especially when it comes to driving a car. A car has found its place in the list of primary needs of any middle to upper middle class family. For young adults, driving a car gives them a sense of responsibility and control. Yet, there are several factors one needs to take care of, when taking charge of a car. The first few lessons can be nerve wrecking. Let’s get the base correct and see the things you need to keep in mind while learning how to drive.

1. Know the rules and signs: When you are on the road you cannot just put your head out and shout indications to the car driver near you. Learn the driving etiquettes and signs of your location. As a responsible driver you must know the rules as well. This ensures safety on road for not just you, but fellow drivers on the road as well. Some of the basic rules that are applied worldwide are, obeying traffic signals, always wearing your seat belt, being within the speed limit, sticking to your lane, giving appropriate signals if you’re changing the lane or route, etc.

2. Listen carefully to the instructor: That doesn’t mean you have to be ready with a pen and paper always, but you should be assertive to the tips he/she shares and be able to execute it well. The foremost training he/she will give you is to know everything about a car. If you know the functioning of every part and when to use it, then the ‘how’ part of it will be simplified for you. This session is called the cockpit drill. A good cockpit drill will make way for an easier co-ordination and understanding between you and the instructor.

3. Permit: You should get a learner’s license before taking driving lessons. Read up on your state’s laws and requirements for a learner driver and ensure that you are following all the rules mentioned. If you are a minor, then you would require parent or guardian supervision while you’re learning. Carry the necessary papers like car ownership papers, insurance papers, license copy, if you’re learning on a car owned by you.

4. Motor Insurance: If you are learning to drive on a car owned by you, then this will be helpful. Even if you don’t have motor insurance for your car, you can get one for the time period when you are learning to drive, to insure your car against any damages during this phase. People who are learning to drive feel safer when they have an instructor in the car, but that does not imply that accidents cannot occur during this time. An individual also has to keep into consideration that he/she might have to pay more premium than usual, since learners have higher tendency of collisions and minor accidents. It is a recommended choice to get a motor insurance for learner driver.

5. Decrease distractions: An experienced driver wouldn’t feel distracted while driving the car in company of others talking around him/her, but a learner might find this as a distraction. This makes it difficult to concentrate on honing one’s driving skills. During the learning phase, one should keep distractions at minimum. Some elements people find distracting are, music, conversations around them, constant pestering of driving tips, etc. Make sure to avoid them.

6. Practice: Perfection will only be achieved once you practice well. Do not rush into driving on the street during peak hours. Keep speed limit in control. Safety should always be on priority. Never forget the rules of the road even after your learning period is over.

Remember, one bad driver, can spoil many lives. Love your car and respect others on the road.

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Jeana Phillips works as a consultant with a leading car and bike selling website. She is a car enthusiast and is renowned for her deep knowledge and understanding of cars. Phillips also restores vintage cars and wishes to own a two storey building filled with these cars. She also lectures at colleges on car mechanics, marketing for machines, motor insurance necessity and restoring cars.



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