How to Get Accurate Translation Services Online

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Since Google came up with Google Translate, after the initial wonder the world granted it, we often find it useless other than for getting the “jist” of things. Though the popular languages are perhaps more accurate, if you are including anything else, you’ll find a hilarious misinterpretation of your original phrase or sentence.

However, if you are looking for quality translations, you might find that there is no service available in your location for the language that you are looking for, or else that they charge a huge premium for having a nice office downtown. At the same time, you don’t just want to hire a friend to do it for you—their heart might not be in it like yours is. Plus, sometimes you need a certified translator to stamp it for you for official or legal needs.

Our natural response is to turn back to the internet. But is that the right thing to do taking into account our earlier conversation about Google Translate and other online translators?


However, it’s not alright to just search for the translator you need and submit a request. Here are a few steps you should take to ensure that this translation is going to be of the highest quality and fit for your needs—whether it’s an academic paper or a menu for your restaurant.

Is it certified?

To ensure that this isn’t some guy in his basement using Google translate and then sending you the bill for quality service, see what certifications the company has. Take time to research what these mean and whether they are something that holds value in your country. If you require a certified translation stamp or signature on your document, make sure that it’s something that you can get from this company.

Do they have your language?

This might sound basic, but there’s a lot of variance in language depending on the geographic region in which it is used. Brazilian Portuguese is different than European Portuguese, much like British English doesn’t always use the same words or spelling that American English does. Does your due diligence to make sure that you are getting exactly the kind of language you are looking for.

Can They Provide Samples?

You have the right to ask for samples of their work before you begin. If you want to see in, they can properly translate specific types of documents or project, ask if they have done them before and if you could see an example of it being done by them.

Check their Reviews

Now it’s easy to get a third party perspective on someone’s work thanks to the internet. Even if they don’t have reviews on their website or social media page, you can always check Google, Yelp, or Reddit. Think of where you would write if you were unhappy with their work and go there looking for a review. If you don’t find anything, then you’re probably in the clear.

Is there a Contract?

There should be some kind of waiver or Terms and Conditions that you and the translator both agree to when starting the work. Make sure that you read through them carefully to know what your rights are and if they are enough for you. Things to look for include clear timelines, number of edits included, document privacy, rights of the translation, satisfaction warranty, etc. Without this, you can’t ensure that your project is being taken seriously and that they will work hard to make you happy with the results.

If you have something that you are looking to get translated properly, find online a certified translation service specializing in your language, with good reviews and previous work, as well as a comprehensive contract that protects you and your rights.

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