Top 10 Skills For 21st Century Workers

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No matter what career track a person is on, there are certain skills that he or she should possess to be successful in the 21st century’s world of work. Luckily, these abilities can be learned and/or improved upon with coaching, mentoring, and/or training. You may not learn all these skills in a public or private school, so it’s best to understand the skills themselves. To win the admiration of employers and coworkers, it’s important to have these ten skills.


1. Ability to Communicate

It is extremely important for workers to be able to communicate in a myriad of ways, such as:

  • Writing

  • Speaking

  • Listening

Being able to get one’s message across and to understand what someone else is saying is crucial for on-the-job success.

2. Able to Analyze/Research/Take Action

No matter what job a person holds, situations arise that require analyzing, performing research, and taking action. Bosses breathe a sigh of relief when their employees can:

  • Think on their feet

  • Use good judgment

  • Puzzle out solutions

3. Computer Savviness

Nearly every job requires a certain amount of computer knowledge, as well as the ability to keep up with technology as it changes. Workers should be able to understand:

  • Word processors

  • Software

  • Hardware

  • Spreadsheets

  • Email

4. Flexibility

Employees that can flex with changes are popular with their bosses and coworkers. It’s also important that workers are flexible enough to:

  • Multitask

  • Prioritize

  • Adapt

  • Juggle

5. Relationship Skills

Interpersonal skills are always important, because workers that have the ability to get along with others can help to promote a positive environment, which is a boon to productivity. Good interpersonal skills lead a person to be able to:

  • Relate well to others

  • Mitigate conflict

  • Inspire people

6. Leadership Ability

The ability to lead and manage others in a positive way is a true talent. The individuals who have this capability can:

  • Take charge

  • Manage co-workers

  • Motivate others

  • Coach/mentor others

7. Diversity Embracer

The most successful employees are those who embrace diversity. The world is a more globally connected than ever before, and workers should be:

  • Sensitive to other cultures

  • Aware of differences

  • Respectful of everyone

8. Team Player

Teams are as strong as their weakest link, and every employee on a team counts. Team players work to:

  • Support each other

  • Achieve common goals

  • Build trust

9. Creativity

Creative people find solutions to challenges and new ways to do things, because they:

  • Think outside the box

  • Use creative reasoning

  • Brainstorm effectively

10. Organizer/Planner

In order to maintain day-to-day schedules, get ready for the future, and reach goals, modern workers must know how to:

  • Plan ahead

  • Stay organized

No matter whether a person is a doctor, lawyer, baker, or candlestick maker, he or she will be more successful with the above skills.

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